Beware The Sugar Free Gummy Bear

Read the reviews on Amazon of these sugarless gummies, and you’ll understand why – “The effects are indeed very real” …

You can buy a 5 pound bag of sugar-free gummy bears from Amazon for about $25. The question is, should you? NO, you probably shouldn’t. If you read the reviews for this product, you’ll understand why.

The first ingredient is Maltitol (trade name: “Lycasin”). It’s a sugar alcohol that is a replacement for sugar. It is sweet, but can also cause¬†intense cramping, bloating, and diarrhea. Sugar alcohols like Maltitol are actually prescribed by doctors as a laxative. They’re called osmotic laxatives. You will also find them in some protein bars, but one tends to eat those with more moderation than gummy treats.

So, what happens when you eat a lot of sugar free gummy bears, as you do?

Well, read the Amazon reviews and you’ll find out. Here’s one:

The hilarious reviews are NOT just funny stories. They are true horror stories & I realized this after 5 gummy bears. Seriously people…read the reviews & believe them. After 5…that’s right 5 gummy bears I spent the rest of the night with intense stomach cramps.


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