Meltdown Over Intern Bikini Contest at Czech Nuclear Power Plant

Critics called the contest ignorant and stupid.

CEZ Temelin is the largest power plant in the Czech Republic, and they held a swimsuit competition for aspiring interns. The winner was to receive the title “Miss Energy 2017” and an intern position at the company.

The company posted the pictures to their Facebook page, where the woman with the most likes was to be the winner.

There was… backlash.

One Facebook user commented, “You find the number of likes under half-naked picture of a young lady as adequate and/or tasteful criterion for a career opportunity that is promoted as ‘professional?'”

The company apologized in a later post.

“The purpose of the competition was to promote technical education,” the post read. “But if the original vision raised doubts or concerns, we are very sorry.”

All ten women were given an intern position.

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