Sports Bras for Larger Busts – SHEFIT Sports Bra Unboxing and Review

The review is in and it’s a good one…

Melania Krystle (IG @_melkrys) reviews sports bra for larger busts from SHEFIT and says “I finallly found a sports bra that fits me and holds me in!!”   It  looks like this one is a keeper.

A few random quotes from reviews found on reddit are also very positive:

I love it, finding bras is almost impossible at my size and it’s the only one I can get without needing it custom-made. The adjustability is great, the band on the 6 Luxe size is too big for me but I’m able to bring it in a lot and it’s comfortable enough to wear all day. I’m a major shill for this bra haha.


I am a 32G (US), and I was in between sizes so I got two and sent back the one that I was popping out of (free returns). I wear it to run, lift weights, elliptical, barre and HIIT classes. My girls stay planted into place. Even if they feel a bit loose, it’s easy to adjust/tighten the bra without flashing the whole gym. It’s also super easy to escape from at the end of the workout.


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