Bodyweight Glute Workout

A glute focused body weight workout that can be done at home or in the gym

This glute workout from Hunter Chilton (IG @hunterrchiltonn) can be done at home or in the gym.

Thanks to her for providing fitness videos during these times when we cannot go to the gym!

WORKOUT: 4 sets of everything
1a. B-Stance Hip Thrust with pulse X10 (L&R)
1b. Deficit Split Squat Pulses X15 (L&R)
2a. Glute Kick Back (Constant Tension) X20 (L&R)
2b. Side Step Outs X15 (ea. way)
3a. Single Leg Incline Glute Bridge X10 (L&R)
3b. Fire Hydrants X15 (L&R)
4a. GoodMornings X12
4b. Frog Reverse HypersX10

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