Cop Caught Checking Out Miesha Tate’s Backside at UFC Weigh In

Another look at the moment that went viral one year ago.

At the UFC 198 Weigh In, Las Vegas Police Officer Russel Mettke tried his best not to look at Miesha’s backside. Butt (get it?) he realized that his window of opportunity was closing, and then succumbed.

This animated gif shows that critical moment, on repeat.

MRW I’m 10 watching a movie with my parents and a boob pops up

She later tracked him down, and made this video that she posted on her Instagram.

Apparently women have done some checking out of their own in the UFC.

There was that time when the raven haired security girl checked out Gilbert Melendez.

View post on imgur.com

There was also that time when this girl couldn’t help but to stare at UFC Fighters when they weighed in.

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