Is Katy Perry’s New Video An Ode To Cannibalism?

It tries for sexual liberation, but…

Katy Perry’s new video, ‘Bon Appétit’, wants to send a message about sexual liberation. Does it though? Does it really?

It was released yesterday with a tweet linking to the video, saying

“Hot and ready to serve, but make no mistake I’m not your piece of 🍖 🔪 ☝🏻🍒 #sexualliberation”

The video plays out like a highly sexualized, stylized fetish fantasy, and that’s fine, and that’ll get eyes on the video. Some of those eyes will love what they see and others will be offended. Cha-Ching!

Is this video more liberating than any other sexualized music video that doesn’t claim #sexualliberation though? Have we gotten a bit loose with our usage of the word liberation?

Enjoy the video, and enjoy your liberation?

(p.s. There is a plot twist in the final seconds!)

What do you think?

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