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Stefanie Millinger Puts Sunglasses On With Feet While Doing a Handstand on Exercise Ball

Holy smokes. The balance, strength and flexibility here is out of this world.

Stefanie Millinger (IG @stefaniemillinger) is an Australian, self-taught contortionist who, in this video, puts sunglasses on with her feet while doing a handstand on an exercise ball. It’s basically super-human and looks unreal, but it’s not. The amount of training to be able to do this is unimaginable. Stay shady, Stefanie!

The below was originally posted on her Facebook page.

🤙🏻Stay 👓 shady 🤙🏻….#gettingready #forsummer #stayshady #sunglasses #on @anarchy_apparel

Posted by Stefanie Millinger Milli-Artist on Friday, May 11, 2018

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